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The Olfactory Training Kit


Why were these particular scents chosen?

These scents were chosen to represent a wide spectrum of smells. The four scents included in The Olfactory Training Kit each represent a specific smell category: floral (lavender), fruity (lemon), aromatic (clove bud), and resinous (eucalyptus). Smell training with a scent of a particular category is thought to improve ability to perceive similar scents within the same category.

Why can't I just use my own scented oils?

Currently, there is no regulatory entity that oversees the manufacturing of scented oils. Many commercially available essential oils are often contaminated by dilution with synthetic oils to reduce the cost of production. The dilution causes a reduction in the scent of the essential oil. That's no good for smell training! It is important to use high quality oils with a strong, lasting scent. That's why The Olfactory Training Kit only contains oils that are 100% pure, without any additives, synthetics, or additional ingredients. These oils have been tested via gas chromatography (GC/MS) testing, which allows us to see the components within each oil and their exact percentages. GC/MS testing results are available upon request.

How long should I continue olfactory training?

It is recommended to complete 3 months of olfactory training. Each kit is stocked with a full 3-month supply of materials. Some individuals may benefit from an additional 3-6 months of olfactory training.

How much does it cost?

The Olfactory Training Kit is available for $69. Free 2-day shipping is included!