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The Olfactory
Training Kit

An all-natural therapeutic system
designed to help you improve
your sense of smell.
What is olfactory training?

What is olfactory training?

Olfactory training, or smell training, is an all-natural therapeutic approach to treat lost or reduced sense of smell. The Olfactory Training Kit offers four unique essential oils to use during smell training that represent each of four major smell categories--

Fruity: Lemon
Floral: Lavender
Aromatic: Clove Bud
Resinous: Eucalyptus

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It's easy.

It's easy.

Olfactory training is a simple practice that has been shown to improve symptoms of smell loss. The Olfactory Training Kit comes with everything you need to get started.

Why Us

The Olfactory Training Kit contains only 100% pure essential oils, confirmed with GC/MS testing.

GC/MS stands for Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry, and it is the standard for essential oil quality testing. Though the names may sound a little complicated, these two tests are *essential* in making sure an oil contains what it is supposed to. An essential oil that doesn't contain the right balance and concentration of components may not produce the same effects as an oil that is altered by dilution or otherwise. GC/MS testing results are available upon request.

Our easy-to-follow Olfactory Training Guide is based on real clinical studies.

Many clinical studies on olfactory training adhere to a specific protocol for the length and frequency of the training. Taking the lead from these accomplished researchers, we designed our Training Guide according to this protocol.

Our essential oils are sourced from around the world.

From Argentina to Indonesia, each of our essential oils can be traced directly to its country of origin.

Each kit is carefully assembled in a USA pharmacy.

Our highly-trained team meticulously prepares each kit at Advanced Rx, our pharmacy in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania.

100% pure therapeutic quality

Essential Oils

The Olfactory Training Kit only contains essential oils that are 100% pure without any additives, synthetics, or additional ingredients.


Eucalyptus radiata
Country of Origin: Australia


Lavandula x intermedia cv. Grosso
Country of Origin: France

Clove Bud

Syzygium aromaticum
Country of Origin: Indonesia


Citrus x limon
Country of Origin: Argentina

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